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Frelsesarmeen og den norske kirkekampen

Hallgeir Elstad og Per Arne Krumsvik

English Abstract

This article sheds some light on the Norwegian Salvation Army’s attitude towards the German Nazi occupation in Norway from 1940-45. Through documents found at the Salvation Army’s International Heritage Center and the Norwegian National Archives it is established that SA in Norway and more, specifically Commissioner Joachim Myklebust did break with the National Church Unions Front, and did not condemn the National Youth Service or the National Teachers Union which was established by the Nazi regime. Myklebust’s motives are found to be his anti-bolshevism and his dedication to a “non-political” army which could bring people to salvation in difficult times. Two of his five children were prominent members of the Norwegian Nazi-party, Nasjonal Samling (NS).

Søkeord: Frelsesarmeen – kirkekampen – okkupasjonshistorie– Joachim Myklebust – Tobias Øgrim – Eivind Berggrav


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